The SHEIBA Wand & Blender Set
The SHEIBA Wand & Blender Set
The SHEIBA Wand & Blender Set
The SHEIBA Wand & Blender Set
The SHEIBA Wand & Blender Set

The SHEIBA Wand & Blender Set

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  • The SHEIBA Blender SB1 is ideal for foundation
  • The SHEIBA Blender SB2 is ideal for contour
  • Spray the blender with water or setting spray
  • Bounce foundation, powder, or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results
  • The SHEIBA Wand will help you retrieve the last remaining product from your makeup bottles that refuses to come out. 
  • The flexible tip also doubles as an applicator, is easy to clean and will not absorb your product. 
  • Specially designed and created to help get the most from your liquid makeup, skin care and even hair care products. 
  • The SHEIBA Wand will save you both time and money and even helps get to those hard to reach areas at the top and the bottom of the bottle or tube.

TIP - For concealer bottles, remove the lid with a tweezers so the SHEIBA Wand will fit to scoop out the last remaining product. No more waste!


The SHEIBA Wand:

Cosmetic: Wand / Spatula 

Material: Wood, Silicone, Aluminium

Dimensions: 17.5cm length, silicone tip 1 cm wide


The SHEIBA Blenders:

Cosmetic: Beauty tool

Material: Wood, Aluminium, latex sponge


Note: The SHEIBA Wand will not fit into a tube, tub or bottle where the mouth is less than 1cm or 10 mm in diameter. Gently clean by wiping damp cotton pad or cloth, do not vigorously scrub. 

The SHEIBA Blenders should be changed every 3 months for flawless results