The SHEIBA Wand - No more waste!

The SHEIBA Wand is specially designed and created to help scoop out the remaining product from your makeup bottles that refuses to come out.

Why throw out the bottle when you can get so much more. The SHEIBA Wand will help you get approximately 10 extra days of makeup, or possibly more, depending on how much you use, I use a lot!!!

The SHEIBA Wand - your best friend!

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SHEIBA Blenders!

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No More Wasted Product!

Beauty expert Triona Loves The SHEIBA Wand. Watch her get one extra month from her lipstick!


Money saving dream!

The SHEIBA wand arrived (very quickly) and it is beautiful. A very elegant design and it looks great in my brush box.
The wand itself is a game changer, I wish I knew about this sooner! I've got an extra 6 days of moisturiser from what appeared to be an empty bottle, this kept me going till pay day. Thanks SHEIBA, will be stocking up for Christmas presents.


Wahoo!! Finally

Thank you so much for my Wand! I can’t believe how much more I get out of my products, from skincare to foundation- there’s no waste anymore, no tipping bottles upside down to get the last drop- the beauty Wand gets it all. Another important issue for me is having long fingernails I now don’t need to use them in my creams the Wand does it for me!!