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At SHEIBA Beauty, our mission is to help women feel confident and empowered to achieve their goals and a life they love. For women in business, women at home, women around the world. For empowered women, empower women!

We believe women are:

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The story of The SHEIBA Wand

Heading out to a last-minute dinner one evening, I realised my expensive bottle of foundation was practically empty. Frustrated that it was too late to go and buy a new one, I held the bottle upside down, shook it, tried everything to get out the last drop of liquid foundation from the bottle unsuccessfully. I took a silicone spatula from the kitchen and cut it up. My hubby gave me one of his small screwdrivers and we put the cut-up silicone on the top. SUCCESS, I was able to get A LOT of product from the bottle that I would have very simply thrown away. Not only could I get the product from the bottom of the bottle but also from the hard to reach corners with ease. The foundation lasted an extra 10 days! I was ecstatic. The SHEIBA Wand was created.

Not only is The SHEIBA Wand great for liquid makeup bottles, but also face & eye creams, hair care products; etc, saving you hundreds of dollars each year, especially on your expensive products! Why throw out the bottle when you can get so much more. The SHEIBA Wand will help you get approximately 10 extra days of makeup, or possibly more, depending on how much you use, I use a lot!!! The wand is super easy to clean, use a cotton pad with makeup remover, or simply use soap and water and it’s clean in one wipe.

The SHEIBA Wand is something EVERYONE needs in their makeup kit. Spread the word and join SHEIBA Beauty.

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